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Do you have some nasty cat health problems that you hope to solve? Welcome to, where you will find all the information you’ll need to make sure your cat lives those nine lives to the fullest and your pets symptoms explained. Your cat will reward you a thousand fold with loving company and beguiling ways and will bring years of delight into your life.

It’s not only a privilege to own house cats but a big responsibility too. However they come into your life, whether they adopt you, or come from the cat rescue shelter or because someone was finding new homes for kittens, they are part of your family and your life, and as a loving and responsible owner you’ll not only be providing good food, shelter and a warm place to sleep but also making sure that all their health and welfare needs are met. It is up to you to make sure that you protect your pet as much as possible from the wide range of feline conditions and cat illness that can arise, even better get cat health insurance.

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On this site you will find the complete spectrum of cat care issues and plenty of useful detail to help you understand more about cat health and the treatment and prevention of illness. If you are able to recognize in your cat health symptoms and signs of illness you will be able to help ensure timely and adequate treatment, such as a diabetic cat would have increased thirst, due to the increased production of urine, sudden weight loss, depressed for no reason or has got a poor coat condition.

You will also be able to find out more on different types of cats, and how the cat breeds differ from one another and if you are naming your new cat we have a big database of cat names too.   

Up to date vaccination requirements are listed and explained, and there are articles devoted to particular cat hygiene issues. There is plenty of information on giving your cat nutrition based on an optimum balance of food groups and why you should not allow cats to put on excess weight. Basic feline anatomy and physiology is covered too so that you can understand how the feline body works and how it is affected by illness and disease.

Each article will give you in depth information in language that is easy to understand, and many subjects are accompanied by simple illustrations to show how a joint is structured and how it moves, or how where an internal organ is situated. Diseases are explained too so that you can understand the treatment the veterinary surgeon is giving and why, and you will find lots of helpful suggestions on general day to day problems like fur ball, fleas and food fads.

We would stress that this information is not meant as a substitute for professional advice, and in caring for your cat veterinary supervision and expertise is vital. On no account should you ever let your loving companion suffer. We strongly advise you to seek expert help on any issue regarding your pet – our aim is to provide you with the knowledge to understand cats and to help you work alongside the veterinary team to make sure that your pet stays fit and healthy and to be of the best support during any illness.

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